1. Production Timelines: Your Photos Are the First Step

At Bobblemaker, the process of making your personalized bobblehead begins with your priceless pictures. Each bobblehead is painstakingly hand-sculpted by our talented artisans to perfectly portray the subject. We capture your photos to create the expressions, features, and poses we see in them.

2. Shipping Options in Steps

We are aware that the delivery times for your custom bobble head may vary. We provide a variety of delivery choices to meet your needs because of this. Let's explore these options:

a. Standard Production and Shipping (Approximately 4-6 Weeks): This choice gives you plenty of time to create your bobblehead. It includes complete proofreading, allowing for small modifications to achieve the ideal design. After receiving approval, we safely package your bobblehead and ship it using UPS or FedEx. Please be aware that deliveries to PO Boxes and APO addresses are not possible, and we require a signature upon delivery.

b. Quick Production and Delivery (Approximately 3–4 Weeks): This package includes full proofreading as does the regular option. By involving our talented artists sooner in the manufacturing process, it accelerates the turnaround time.

c. Expedited Production and Shipping (Approximately 2-3 Weeks):** This option accelerates production even more in comparison to the regular and express choices. You will still receive thorough proofreading to guarantee your satisfaction, so don't worry.

d. Expedited Production and Shipping (Approximately 1-2 Weeks): If you're in a rush, this option might offer proofs, but due to time limits, it might be necessary to skip the proofing stage in order to meet your desire for a faster shipment. The majority of the time, proofs are allowed and received on schedule. Proofs may be changed in a limited number of ways, but each significant modification may add up to three days to the turnaround time. If adjustments are required, we cannot be held accountable for timescales that are missed, and no refunds will be given if the delivery occurs outside of this window.

Super Rush Production and Shipping (Approximately 1 Week): Although it is our quickest choice, it excludes proofs. For the creation of your bobblehead, we depend on the quality of the photos you submit. Due of the lack of crucial feedback during the creation process, our success rate with this option is between 50% and 75%. 

3. The time period for production begins after we receive your photos.

The moment we receive the images for your project, the timer for your selected production schedule begins to run. Proofs must be acknowledged and authorized as we produce them; this is crucial. The expected delivery date may be impacted by any delays, including those relating to photo submission or approval. Monday through Friday, except Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and Federal Holidays, are our working days.

For instance, if you place an order with a 2-week delivery window on Thanksgiving Day (a Thursday), production will start the following Monday. When choosing your preferred timeline, do take this into account.

4. Email Alerts at Every Stage

You may be assured that Bobblemaker will keep you updated on the status of your order at all times. With a tracking number provided for convenient tracking, we will choose the best shipping method to meet your desired timetable. FedEx and UPS are our preferred shipping options. Please keep in mind that when determining your delivery date, you should only take into account actual working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

5. The Chinese New Year and Our Factory

Please be aware that every single one of our dolls is handmade in our facility in China. Our manufacturing takes a brief break throughout the Chinese New Year, which normally falls between the end of January and the first week of February. The timing of approvals is also based on Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is 12 hours ahead of US time (9:00 a.m. EST corresponds to 9:00 p.m. at the factory).

6. Shipping Time Disclaimer: Important Information

It's vital to note that while we make every attempt to adhere to our projected shipping periods, we cannot ensure exact arrival dates. We cannot control a number of circumstances, such as third-party shipment delays, customs procedures, attempted delivery complications, and FedEx cutoff periods. We strongly advise placing your order in advance, taking into account shipping and product availability, to reduce any potential delays.

Please keep in mind that some items can come in many parts to prevent breaking during shipping. Basic binding adhesive, like Crazy glue, makes it simple to fix them in place once they arrive. Additionally, some items, such as desks and bobbleheads with motorcycles, can have higher shipping costs because of their greater sizes.

7. Shipping Disclaimer: No Shipping Time Guarantees

We want to be clear that no shipping date is promised. All shipping schedules are simply estimates. Please place your purchase as soon as possible to avoid shipping or product availability delays.


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