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About Us: Crafting Smiles and Memories, One Bobblehead at a Time

Welcome to Bobblemaker, where we don't just make bobbleheads; we create little bundles of joy that dance with your laughter and encapsulate your stories. Our tale is one of passion, happiness, and the quest to sprinkle a little more magic into your life. So, put on your adventure hats, and let's take you on a whirlwind tour through our quirky history, our craft, and what makes us tick!

Meet Our Founder: The Chief Happiness Officer

Picture this: our founder, the Chief Happiness Officer, finds sheer delight in making folks like you grin from ear to ear. When not busy sculpting smiles, you'll catch them whipping up extravagant chef-style meals for their loved ones, taking polar plunges (yes, you read that right), exploring the globe, and relishing those heartwarming moments around the family table.

Building a Team, Creating a Family

But our story isn't just about one person. It's about creating an office atmosphere that draws kindred souls to our cause. We believe that the key to crafting exceptional bobbleheads and providing friendly customer service is teamwork. Our little family here at Bobblemaker is more than just a team; we're a collective of passionate individuals who are dedicated to making your experience with us truly special.

Once Upon a Time: HD Design Center, LLC

In May of 2004, HD Design Center, LLC burst onto the scene like confetti at a party. Our initial gig? We aimed to be the ultimate wedding accessories superstore, the one-stop-shop where soon-to-be-weds could snag everything from quirky gifts to elegant guest books and party favors. Our motto was simple: to be the ultimate wingman (or wing woman) for couples venturing into marital bliss.

From Wedding Parties to Cake Toppers That Take the Cake!

But we couldn't stop there. We were on a mission to add that extra sprinkle of 'wow' to your life. So, we unveiled our secret weapon: custom fixed head wedding cake toppers. These weren't your run-of-the-mill cake decorations. Nope! They were genuine works of art. Thanks to our talented sculptors, we could create toppers that looked like the bride and groom, adding a dash of magic to their big day.

The Thank-You Notes That Melted Our Hearts

As time rolled on, we received a flood of thank-you notes from countless couples whose hearts we'd touched with our custom cake toppers. Their joy fueled our creative fire, and we can't thank them enough for helping us grow and evolve.

Bobbleheads: Where Quirk Meets Craftsmanship

And then came the bobbleheads! Building on our expertise in crafting clay figurines, we decided to dive headfirst into the world of bobblehead dolls. From hobbies to sports to some good old office shenanigans, we unleashed a world of endless possibilities.

From Webobble to Bobblemaker: A Globetrotting Adventure

In 2006, HD Design Center unveiled its Bobblehead Division, marking the start of our dedicated bobblehead journey. Fast forward to January 2007, when we introduced you to, our first bobblehead website. But the adventure didn't stop there. In October 2013, was born, bringing you resin bobbleheads galore that is aimed at spreading throughout the world globally.

Bobblemaker is at your disposal, we cater to men, women, couples, and anyone with a vivid imagination. Whether you're celebrating holidays, seeking special designs, embracing life's oddities, or building a cherished collectible, we're here to turn your moments into memories. And hey, for those extra-special occasions or a unique gift, our bulk orders bring your vision to life in a truly personalized way. It's not just about bobbleheads; it's about crafting stories that last a lifetime.

Our Promise to You: The Quirkier, The Better

At, we're more than just a little serious about having fun. We stand tall and proud on the pillars of our reputation, promising you:

  • Full Insurance: Your orders are under our protective wing, guarded against loss and damage.
  • Customs Bond: Yep, we've got a full customs bond. We're official like that!
  • Top-Notch Security: Your online transactions are wrapped in a snug 256-bit encryption blanket.
  • Recognized by the Pros: D&B recognizes us and thinks we're pretty swell (ID: 79-228-5681).

Get in Touch – Let's Create Some Fun!

If you're itching to know more about us, need a hand with your online order, or just want to shoot the breeze, we're all ears (well, not literally). Dial us at (727) 375-9586 or give your keyboard a workout at [email protected]. Your visit to our site brings music to our bobblehead-loving hearts, and we hope you'll take home one of our custom handcrafted bobblehead dolls – a quirky piece of joy that's all about you!

The history of bobbleheads have been around since the 17th century. Click here to read more about these fascinating dolls. 

Overseas Factory Photos - See where we make your special bobblehead dolls:

Here are some of the many dolls we create:

Thanks for shopping with us and we look forward to making you bobble!


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