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Delivery and Shipping Policies 

We strive to be transparent about the delivery schedule for your products in our Shipping Time and Delivery Policy. 

**Delivery Schedules** 
You can select your chosen delivery window once you've made a purchase and moved on to the payment page. Please be aware that we are unable to provide exact delivery promises due to the complex hand-sculpting procedure required to create our products. Rest assured, nevertheless, that we make every effort to fulfill your shipping requirements.

**Proofreading and approving**
We provide you pictures as proof once production starts in order to keep you updated and involved throughout the process. We firmly advise you to periodically check your email inbox and make sure that none of our communications have been forwarded to your spam folder. The time frame mentioned may be extended if there are any delays in accepting the proof or asking for changes to it.

**Excluded holidays include**
Please note that the delivery timescale estimate does not take national holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and July 4th into account. Therefore, the anticipated delivery date does not apply to these holidays.

**Start of Production:**
The day after we get your submitted photographs and payment, we start working on your order. For instance, if you place an order on a Monday, your delivery window, barring holidays, starts on Tuesday.

**Shipping information**
Direct shipments of our goods are made from our Chinese manufacturing site. For shipping, we use reputable companies like DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Please be aware that a delivery signature is a security requirement that must be met.

**Approximate Shipping Times**
It's important to realize that we can't promise a specific delivery date for your order. The mentioned shipping or transit times should only be taken as estimates. We want to be clear that delays in third-party shipment, such as customs holdups, failed deliveries, or cutoffs, are not our fault.

**Cancellations and refunds**
We regret having to let you know that we do not offer shipping reimbursements in the unfortunate event that a delivery deadline is missed. Additionally, in such cases, we are unable to offer post-account adjustments. You confirm your acceptance of these conditions by continuing with your order.

**No Shipping Time Guarantee**
Importantly stated, all delivery dates are approximations. We are unable to provide certain completion dates due to the unique hand-sculpting procedure used to create our items.

***Delivery signature specifications:***
It's crucial to confirm that the delivery address you indicate can accept someone who can sign for the bobblehead doll in order for delivery to be successful.

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