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Do you have questions regarding the photographs we accept, the quality we require, or the specifics of hair style for your personalized bobblehead dolls? Answers to the following frequently asked questions can be found below:

1. What kinds of photographs do you a custom bobblehead doll?

   - We accept photo files in a variety of formats, including JPEG, BMP, PNG, AI, PS, and PDF.

2. What types of images are required achieve the best results for my customized bobblehead?

 - We make custom bobblehead dolls based on the details of the person in the photo. Consider the following guidelines to achieve the best results: Assume you don't know the individual in the photograph. We need to see facial characteristics such as dimples, wrinkles, and expressions if possible. We need at least one primary photo of the person or pet in the appropriate expression. We cannot utilize numerous photos since it would result in an inconsistent and inaccurate representation.

3. Do I have to mention the color of my eyes?

   - Yes, stating the eye color is necessary because some images may not display it clearly. Furthermore, red-eye effects from the photo sent can make color determination more difficult.

4. What are the hairstyle rules for my personalized bobblehead?

   - The hairstyle of the bobble head doll is based on the primary photo you submit. Consider uploading a back or profile shot if you have a specific way of wearing your hair in the back, so we are better able to understand the style.

   - It's important to remember that our custom bobbleheads are constructed of resin, which is a naturally solid substance. The hairline must not interfere with the shoulders or neck due to the doll's construction. We make every effort to design hair that can be bobbled. Movement may be impeded if the hair extends below the shoulders.

   - We accept long hair that falls beyond the shoulders, but please be advised that it may reduce or remove the bobble action. For the greatest experience, we recommend a fixed-head type doll with no movement limits in such instances.

   - If you provide us a photo of your long hair, we will try to reproduce it as nearly as possible while allowing for as much movement as possible. We recommend maintaining the hair above the shoulder level to optimize bobble motion.

We hope that these responses have helped you better understand our photo and hair criteria for constructing your customized bobblehead dolls. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more inquiries.

What kinds of photographs do you a custom bobblehead doll?

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