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Let's talk about the super cool and exciting Limitation of Liability for Products! It's like a safety net for all the amazing products out there. So, here's the deal: sometimes, even the most awesome products might have a little hiccup or two

The Site is pretty awesome, but we gotta lay down some ground rules. If anything goes wrong, like a late delivery or some other mishap, we've got your back. But, here's the catch - our liability is limited to the price of the product(s) you're claiming losses or damages for. We're all about keeping things fair and square! Just remember, this doesn't apply to personal injury cases. Safety first, folks!

The Site wants to make sure we're all on the same page. We just want to let you know that we can't be held responsible for any unexpected, cool, or super exciting damages. We're just following the rules, you know? So, let's keep things fun and enjoy our time here! 

 Just a friendly reminder that in certain states, the rules about excluding or limiting incidental or consequential damages might not apply. So, the limitations or exclusions I mentioned earlier might not impact your rights. Keep that in mind!



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