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Current Holiday Timelines and Information 

At Bobblemaker.com, we take great delight in making sure that your special Holiday presents arrive on time and in good condition. To ensure your satisfaction, we adhere to the following rules in order to do this. To ensure a smooth process, we highly advise submitting your orders as early as possible.

Timelines and proofing details:

We give you a selection of timescales to pick from during the order process. 

The following is our current Holiday chart 

- Free Proofs from November 25 to December 4

  - To get your order before the holiday, choose 2-3 week delivery.

  - It is essential to quickly approve proofs because delays can cause deadlines to be missed.

December 5 through December 9: NO Proofs

  - To get your order before the holiday, choose 1-2 week delivery.


- From December 10 until December 18:

  - NO proofing

  - To get your item before the holiday, choose a delivery window of one week.

  Please be aware that no proofs will be offered for these orders.

  - Depending on production capacity, the delivery date can change.

  This option ensures delivery on or before December 24th. - NO REFUNDS APPLY TO THESE AND ALL ORDERS. 

   Regarding this statement, kindly refer to the points below.

**Orders for non-holidays:**

Orders that are supposed to be sent after the holiday will come with proofs and will be shipped in accordance with the chosen shipping schedule. For these orders, full proofs will be accessible.

We urge you to submit your order early because each tier could potentially raise production and shipping prices.

Important Information

If you place an order within a deadline and don't send the images right away, there can be delays or extra costs. For instance, the pricing may be changed to the appropriate tier intended for Holiday delivery if you place your order on November 29th without images and we receive them on December 2nd.

Production pauses:

On rare occasions, production delays could happen and lengthen the time it takes to complete your transaction. In the case of the 1-week delivery option, we do not precisely count days. With the 1-week option, your order will be delivered on or before December 24 but may not necessarily arrive on December 17 if you place it on December 10. Despite our best efforts to guarantee delivery prior to the holidays, we are unable to offer credits for production costs in the event of a delay. We advise against using the 1-week timeline if you disagree with this rule.

Shipments must be signed before being sent:

Please be advised that deliveries require a signature. To avoid any delivery delays, make sure someone is available to sign for your parcel. For shipment, we often use companies like FEDEX and UPS.

We hope to make your holiday shopping easy and pleasurable by following these rules and deadlines.

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