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At Bobblemaker.com, we carefully craft and deliver your personalized bobblehead figurines. Since each is painstakingly crafted by hand, we ensure that they are securely packaged to ensure their safe delivery to your doorstep.

Here is how we package and ship your one-of-a-kind bobblehead:

Primary Bobble Head Doll Packaging:
- The primary doll is meticulously wrapped in a combination of bubble wrap and foam for maximum protection. 
- The primary doll is wrapped in a combination of bubble wrap and/or foam for maximum protection. It is then secured within the primary box to prevent damage during transport.

Separate Shipping of Parts: 
- Occasionally, various doll parts must be shipped separately for safety reasons. (extremely rare)
- Each component is wrapped in the aforementioned protective materials and deposited in its designated section of the Styrofoam packaging.

Bobblehead Assembly Recommendations: 
- For the most effective and secure bond, we recommend using "crazy glue" to assemble the doll and its base. 
- Most bobbleheads do not require any additional assembly. 

We would like to reassure you that our packaging methods are intended to minimize potential delivery issues. The delivery of your bobbleheads in pristine condition is our top priority, as we want you to enjoy them as much as we enjoy producing them.
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