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Football Coach In Suit Custom bobblehead Doll
Executive Male Suit Custom bobblehead Doll (with sports balls in hand)

Football Coach In Suit Custom bobblehead Doll

Bobblehead Part Number:M53-1-J
Bobblehead Price:$89.99
Quick Overview:

FOOTBALL COACH IN SUIT BOBBLEHEAD DOLL. Dressed in a grey suit with a tie, this custom male bobblehead doll is a football coach that's holding a ball and the playbook.

Sculpt with Polymer Clay
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Bobblehead Upgrades
Any Type Hat (Describe in notes) [+$8.50]
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Add 1 small item to base [+$14.50]
Add 2 small item to base [+$24.00]
Add 1 non-bobble pet to base [+$30.00]
Add 2 non-bobble pet to base [+$67.50]


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