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Damage Claim (Ouch)

As we try to avoid damages with extreme care within our packing, sometimes damage can occur.  All claims for shipping damage must be filed by the recipient in writing with HD Design Center, LLC in writing within (3) three days of receipt, including sending digital photographs of the damaged product, box and packing materials used to us at [email protected]
We won't be liable for any damages which have not been report within the 3 business days we offer. 
All our merchandise is carefully packaged for shipment in approved packing boxes along with one or more of the following: 

  • custom fitted Styrofoam
  • clam shell inserts.   
  • Bubble wrap

HD Design Center, LLC will remake the damaged products at its sole discretion if breakage was caused by neglect within the shipping process.

If this is the case, we will ship the replacement product to the customer as soon as possible, at our expense.  Normally within 1-2 weeks received.

If the damage photos do not show us a clean break or more information is required from our quality control team, you may be required to mail back the damaged doll at your sole expense.  If this request is made, we will provide a RMA return number.  Please ensure to include the provided RMA within that package as well as on the main shipping box. 

Please note, if the damage is slight and a replacement is required, we will need new photos of the item being completely destroyed.  this means broken head and body (so it can not be repaired).  Once we have this photo, we can begin the replacement.
Please obtain the proper tracking information as well so we can follow your return properly.

In the event that you receive a damaged doll - we will not offer any refund or credit.  We will replace the item as specified above.  

It is possible for the anticipated time line of receipt to be missed, as stated within our mandatory checkout questions in regards to shipping, you to miss a specific anticipated time line; as agreed to during checkout, we have no guarantees.  All time lines are approximate.

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