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Copyright and Usage Guidelines

Bobblemaker welcomes you! We want your visit to be enjoyable and respectful of our material. Please read our usage guidelines:

1. Ownership: Our store owns all text, design, logos, graphics, icons, and photos on this website. We worked hard to produce and organize these materials to improve your shopping experience.

(2) Copyright Protection: Copyright © 2023, Bobblemaker.com. All rights reserved. These materials are legally protected, therefore please respect our store's rights.

3. Permissible Use: You can shop or order from us using this site's material. Explore our website and enjoy our services.

4. **Restrictions**: You may not duplicate, reproduce, edit, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute any site materials without our explicit consent. This comprises text, photos, and other media. Respect our innovation and efforts.

5. **Reserved Rights**: Our store reserves all rights not explicitly granted in this notice. We appreciate your compliance with these rules.

6. Legal Consequences: Unauthorized use of this site's materials may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws. Our site should be used politely.

I appreciate your time reading and understanding these standards. We appreciate your help in maintaining our website and content. If you have questions or need authorization for specific purposes, contact us.

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