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Bobblemaker.com is committed to ensuring your complete gratification with your personalized bobblehead doll. The following are frequently asked concerns regarding our proofreading process and policies.

What is the purpose of custom bobblehead doll proofs? 

- Proofs are an integral part of our process to ensure your complete satisfaction with your personalized bobblehead doll.

How do prototypes work for personalized bobbleheads? 

- During the proofing process, which includes the clay head, custom body, and painting phases, you will receive email updates depicting the development of your one-of-a-kind bobblehead.

Are revisions permitted during the proofreading phase?

 - Yes, we permit up to two molding revisions and one paint revision at no additional cost. However, any revisions beyond these parameters will incur a charge of $10.00 per revision. We reserve the right to make additional changes at our discretion and without additional fees.

4. What occurs following approval of the molded head/body or painted/completed proofs?

   - Once you approve the molded head/body, there are no further revisions possible, and the doll moves on to the next stage.

   - Likewise, after approval of painted/completed  versions, no further changes are permitted and the order is shipped.

5. How do revisions affect delivery times? 

- It is important to keep in mind that multiple revisions can significantly affect delivery times. Each revision necessitates your email approval before proceeding to the next step.

What should I anticipate regarding the representation of my bobblehead?

- Bobbleheads are caricatures and may not be an exact representation of a person. Our skilled artisans have more than a decade of experience sculpting and painting these one-of-a-kind figurines by hand. Please understand that while we abide by their expertise, you are not receiving a Michelangelo or Picasso masterpiece.

What happens if the head proof differs from the final proof? 

- There may be occasional differences in angles and appearances between the head proof and the completed proof. These variations are possible during the transformation from clay to the ultimate product. If you are unsatisfied at this juncture, we offer a number of solutions:

     - Recolor the head to make a noticeable distinction in the final result.

     - Opt for a head resculpt for $55.00 and submit a new sculpting photograph.

     - As no additional modifications were requested, we will ship you the doll in its current state. Please note that due to the custom nature of our products, the return policy agreed upon during the purchase process does not apply.

8. What happens if a client refuses a mailed item? 

- If an order defaults to completion and we mail the item, the client has the option to refuse delivery and ship it back to us. However, this action does not nullify the terms and conditions of the order as specified during purchase. If a returned order is received, we will retain it for 30 days. Upon written request, we can resend the order to the client; however, a shipping fee will be assessed, as we have already incurred shipping costs for the initial shipment.

Reiteration of Our Policies During Checkout:


- By completing the checkout process for a create your own bobblehead, you agree that the order cannot be revoked, returned, or disputed if you are unhappy with the product. Personalized bobbleheads are not exact replicas of features.

Shipping Procedures for Bobbleheads

- In the majority of instances, we make every effort to adhere to the shipping schedules you specify. During production, email proofs are sent and limited modifications are permitted, which may lengthen the process. 

Check your spam folder to ensure that you receive our emails.

Please note that we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates, and that refunds or order cancellations are not possible in the event of a missed delivery date. This policy overrides all written guarantees, as we do not offer any.

Click here for more information on our shipping policies.

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